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Davy Jones - Pirates of the Caribbean

Do you fear death , Artstation users? Head sculpt of Davy Jones. Hyped for the releasing of the new movie of Pirates of the Caribbean, I watched again the other 4, just to prepare myself for the 5th movie. One of the things that keept me sticked to the chair were the Visual effects. It’s been more than 10 years and Davy Jones CGI still looks amazing, and one of the best CGI implementations to the date, in my opinion.
I used Maya, for the base mesh, and I rigged all the tentacles, then I scupted it in Zbrush to add skin detains , and more detail in general, and then I used Photoshop to texture it. Face and Tentacles textures are handpainted, and I used some overlay textures for the hat and the chestplate. All other details are handpainted too. This is the model which I put more effort into, to the date. Hope you all like it!

Roger masats vidal screenshot066

Ingame render

Roger masats vidal screenshot081


Roger masats vidal davy4