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H I T M A N - Agent 47

I can do whatever I’m paid to. Agent 47 is one of my favorite all time characters in videogames. I played for the very first time at the age of 13 at Hitman 2 , contracts, and blood money, and it was fun at the time, many ways to complete the missions, and having fun with the ragdoll system. When I grew up (18), I decided to replay the series , and I discovered three different games, a strong story behind them, a reason for every single kill in the game, and a very strong and cold main character. Since then , I’ve been playing them all very often when I’m not busy (Absolution too). It’s always a challenge. This was fun to do because while I was doing it, all my memories related to the experience while playing the games, came back to my mind. Model made in Maya, and sculpted the final details in Zbrush. Textures made with photoshop, handpainted. Hope you all like it! And if you’ve never played any HITMAN game, I encourage you to do it, you’ll sure have a good time challenging yourself!

Roger masats vidal hitman2

Ingame model, night filter