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VR Interrogation room - VR test

Sit on a chair, put on your VR glasses on and watch all arround. Here is a little practise I’ve made just to test VR glasses, and Sketchfab compatibility.
Anyone remembers black ops 1 menu? We had the possibility to play as Alex Mason, and stand up to walk arround the room. I though it would be cool to make some look a like scene, and implement the VR technology, and here it is.
Hope you all like it!!

Roger masats vidal 11111

First person view, you're about to be interrogated!

Roger masats vidal 111111

Many tools to make you confess...

Roger masats vidal 1111

Panoramic view, from the left side of the room

Roger masats vidal 111

Back view, groud reflection

VR Interrogation room - VR test

Roger masats vidal 11

Shadeless texture pass.
Base color of the room, without light effects.